Friday, May 21, 2010

lovin' the limelight

Abigail and her best friend have been making up a dance together at recess for the last couple months or so. They convinced their teacher to let them perform it for their class!! I just laugh because I can't even imagine being brave enough to perform in front of my 5th grade class, in a leotard no less.

But Abigail - she is fearless. So is her friend, apparently. :)

They made their skirts during recess today, too.

So cute. They did a great job and received a positive response from their class. I was very impressed in many ways.
Her friend is moving this summer. Well, she has already moved - but will be officially gone from school and everything with the end of the school year, so I am happy for anything that solidifies their bond and makes fun memories for them together. Abigail is going to be very sad next year and might be a little lost for awhile without her BFF. But I am also sure it will be a time of great growth for her.
Adolescence is such a difficult and tricky time. Holy Moly!!


Mom B. said...

Wow! Good for them. I bet it was a great performance. Wish I could have been there. Did you record it??

Jennifer said...

Wow, wow. I love that she is so brave and self assured at such a young age. I'm pretty sure I would never have done that.

Colleen said...

Wow, definitely brave girls! Nice that you got to go witness it too. :)

Amber Baker said...

I love it! They showed it to me a couple weeks ago when I was out helping with recess. They were super cute and excited!

Mary said...

She will always remember it! How neat!

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