Sunday, October 10, 2010

call me crazy

but I think this just might be an indication that it's time for new shoes.

what do you think?

(you (and I) may not be able to otherwise tell that I've been walking quite a bit. but my shoes show it.) ;)


Ashley Case said...

I'm a terrible judge at when it's ok to throw out old clothes/shoes and get new. All my clothes and shoes come from garage sales and I have a TERRIBLE time justifying something new from a store for me. Luckily Jason buys me things when I need them, cuz I think I would go naked before I'd throw something out because of a simple hole.

(Ex: When I got home from my mission my friend convinced me to throw out my only pair of tennis shoes and go buy a new pair, because I had kept them around from the 6th grade and just duct taped the broken plastic at the heals and ignored all the holes. Lol!)

Kristen said...

haha - Ashley, you're crazy! ;) (jk)
And being married to an intense runner has made me pretty aware that when the treads are worn off the shoe, your body will thank you for new ones. These are worn out to the midsole - but the holes are a new one to me! It's been making me laugh.

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