Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Blog-o-versary to Me! {reposted}

In the midst of the long 50-mile race saga, it would seem I have inadvertantly skipped over my blog anniversary! Shameful. But it's been 3 years since I hesitantly started typing away at my very first blog post and felt that little inner thrill upon seeing the screen that says "your blog post published successfully!" (it was awhile after that that I actually told anybody about it and let them take a peek at it - but nevertheless, Oct 21 was the first posted date). Now all of the first 2 yrs of posts are "private" - so in celebration of this life-changing day, I am reposting my very first blog-o-versary post again. The request still stands, by the way.

Let's play this party game again, ok??
Ask me something!! :)
(Originally Posted Oct 21, 2008)

Yes, today is the One-Year Anniversary of the day I started this blog. Amazing. And so, in celebration, I am asking for a mere simple gift:

Everyone who is reading this (and I do mean everyone, even if you've never left a comment, even if you don't really know me, even if you don't really like commenting, or blogs, or even me, I mean EVERYONE - yes, even you), please leave me a comment and give me something to write about. Just for fun. It could be anything. A question you want to ask about anything at all, a topic you'd like for me to discuss, a memory or story you want me to tell - really, anything. You can even ask for more than one thing. I'll let you. And depending on how many responses I get and the nature of what you want me to write, I may or may not answer them all. We'll see. I'll do my best.

We could call it the Big Q & A with Kristen. Or More Things You Never Really Cared to Know But I'll Tell You Anyway. Or the Most Interesting and Amazing Blog Posts Ever. (Or Things to Write About When I Don't Feel like Writing Anything - whatever).
Anyway, please please please, I'm begging for comments and questions!!!! Humor me. Indulge me. Tell me you love me. Build me up and make my day. Yeah, go ahead and lie to me. Whatever it takes. :)

Sooo . . . what do you want to know??

(and if I pick your question to answer first, guess what? You WIN! YAY!)


bonitinha said...

Happy blogoversary! Here's my question... what's the latest with Elisabeth's sleep apnea? Is it improved since her surgery a while back? And keep writing... I always enjoy reading!

Jennifer said...

Would you say you are generally happy and tell us why or why not?

Anonymous said...

What do you consider you most happy day, week, month or year? You can pick any of the above to respond to or you can respond to all if you choose to.

Mom B. said...

I don't know why that comment says Anonymous. It's supposed to be from me!

Mr. Sessions said...

Because we both lived in VA and now in UT, how did living there shape you and how has here shaped you? How are people here different than in VA?

How do you have time for yourself in the battle to meet the needs of 4 kids?

How has your testimony grown since being home off a mission?

What goals do you still hope to accomplish later in life?

heather b. said...

Writing prompt: write about your favorite memory that involves an animal (pet, wild, or in captivity.)

Christina G. said...

Happy Belated Blogoversary!

I'm staring at my refrigerator looking at all of the magnets. What do you think about refrigerator magnets? (Yes, admittedly a ridiculously lame comment, but I'm fresh out of good ones...)

The Mel B said...

Oh my! I am terrible at asking good questions, so it's a good thing I don't interview people for a living. I do greatly enjoy reading the blog and keeping up to date on the family life, so please continue!

But here is a topic- your life soundtrack. What songs or albums do you associate with different periods in your life, or what tells your story? Yes, that is one I would like to see.

Colleen said...

Happy blog-o-versary! Here's my question - have you ever done anything illegal (not like speeding, like an arrestable offense) and if so what?

Hee hee.

Tricia F said...

How fun that your blog-o-versary is my birthday! :) I'll always remember that. You and I do share a bunch of random things. Anyway, I want to know what a perfect week in your life would look like... If you could control everything in your life for a whole week (which is fun to imagine, anyway, right?), what would it have in it?

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