Friday, October 1, 2010

one of those days

This morning started out as usual.

My alarm went off at 6:55 with birds chirping on my wonderful nature sounds alarm clock. I ignored it for 10 min, pretending I was just lying in a grassy meadow in the middle of a thick green forest, listening to the happy chirpy birds. Or something like that. Then Isaac came in asking if he could eat the leftover pizza for breakfast. I said yes.

I got up. Came out to family room, turned on the computer and
checked my email.

Elisabeth wandered out to the kitchen, wanting her morning cuddle. She wanted pizza too. Abigail ate Raisin Bran. Samuel miraculously got up on his own and came out driving his remote control car. Elisabeth and Samuel split the last piece of pizza.

Then Elisabeth decided she wanted popcorn. Popcorn?! I told her to wait. Approx. 7:30 am. She dug our big ceramic popcorn bowl out of the cupboard. Samuel wanted oatmeal. I worked on making Samuel's lunch for his field trip. Put eyedrops for pinkeye in Abigail's eyes. Reminded Isaac and Abigail that they needed to make their lunches.

Samuel grabbed the big bowl off the counter and somehow dropped it on the kitchen floor, and it broke. I almost cried. I remembered our "movie themed" Christmas when I was so excited to find that perfect movie popcorn bowl. Wondered if it would be worth it to glue it back together or just throw it away. Sat it on the counter with its 3 pieces and left it.

7:50 AM - told Isaac and Abigail that it was time to leave. Isaac hadn't gotten his lunch together, so we threw some things in a bag and off they went to walk to school. I sat by Samuel and prompted him over and over and over to finish eating. He danced and wiggled and squirmed and sometimes ate. Then I had to get him to swallow his antibiotic medicine. No easy task.

He and Elisabeth fought over the remote control car and I had to take it away until he was ready for school.

Fought and dragged and pulled Samuel to get his clothes on for school. More screaming.

8:10 - He was almost ready to go.
8:15 - went out to wait for the bus, with the remote control car
8:20 - the bus came

8:30 - caught up on the blogs I read, checked Facebook, etc
ate my breakfast while reading a book

around 9 - put a load of towels in the dryer, fed the bunny some hay

Got Elisabeth dressed and put in her eyedrops for pink eye.

9:30 - tried to brush Elisabeth's hair. She cried and screamed until I finally gave up, frustrated and fed up, and I threw the brush down and told her I was done. And she proceeded to scream at me some more that she wanted me to brush her hair now. Um, no. And this went on for quite some time.

I got dressed to go out for my walk. Decided that I really wanted to listen to my music and tune out Elisabeth for just a little bit. I'd had enough of listening to screaming for the morning. But I'd messed up my ipod syncing it to the PC instead of my itunes library on the laptop, which is still giving me all sorts of headaches freezing up all the time.

So, I decided to attempt to sync it to the laptop, just hoping against all hope that it would cooperate long enough to successfully sync.


It froze in the middle of syncing. Dumb thing.

And then, just as we were finally just about ready to get out the door and hopefully go for a long relaxing walk . . . I couldn't find the keys.

sometime around 10 - Called Zac and he had somehow gone to work with both sets of keys. So I couldn't lock the house and go for my walk after all. There have been attempted break-ins and "suspicious behavior" in my neighborhood recently, so I didn't want to leave the house unlocked. And I couldn't find the spare house key. And the garage door opener is broken.

Then Elisabeth looked up at me and asked, "mommy are you going to cry?"
I said yes.

And I gave up. I sat outside on the porch swing and read my book and told Elisabeth to play. And I almost fell asleep, as I felt all my energy and motivation seeping out of me and collecting in an ugly dark puddle underneath me on the deck.

Elisabeth had gone inside and filled up about 8 cups with water from kitchen sink, for no known reason. I slowly sopped up all the water on the floor and left the cups lined up on the counter.

around 11 - And then, to try to keep myself from crawling back into bed and sleeping this rotten day away, I blogged about it instead. ;)

(Have you ever had days like this? yeah. I know.)
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