Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zac's First 50: the first half, or the calm before the storm

We were all pretty excited to get going on this adventure. The open road stretched interminably in front of us. It was a beautiful clear day. The kids were happy about their games and excited to give daddy the things he needed at the stops. And Zac was running well.

(there he is, running happily down the long, dry and dusty road)

He had written out this plan for me to have an idea of how often to drive ahead and stop and wait for him, and what he would need (generally) at each stop, so we could have it ready for him (this plan was fairly quickly discarded, as we realized that Zac's needs were going to be different than anticipated, and the roads required much slower driving than I had ever imagined. But, at this stage, it all seemed like a fine and dandy plan) ;)

It seems that a great percentage of the strategy for these ultra-marathons is planning to make sure you consume enough calories, electrolytes and fluid to maintain physical functioning for this long amount of time running. It is crucial - and, as we discovered, a tricky learning process, discovering what works for your body and what you need and can handle. More on this later . . .

approx 10 am, mile 16: we arrived at Simpson Springs Pony Express Trail Monument. We got out, looked around, took some pictures, and made use of the one and only (primitive) toilet available on the entire 50 mile course. It was wonderful.

Approx 11 am, mile 19: The kids got out to run alongside Zac for a little bit. Fun, fun.

Zac was feeling good, running well, and making excellent time. Everything was going great!

Plus, we saw antelope. yay. :)

So, after our pit stop at mile 23 or so and Zac was seemingly well-stocked and doing well, he told me to go ahead another 7 miles and wait for him there.
And that's . . . when he realized there were some things he hadn't planned for. Of course.
(to be continued . . . ) :)

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