Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Colleen Gets Her Own Post

ok, my friend Colleen is getting her own post for this one. Here's why: if it hadn't been for her, and the super-cool blog of her own, then I would not be here blogging. It's true. Three years ago, Colleen introduced me first (I think) to Goodreads, then to her blog, then to Google Reader, then inspired me to start my own blog. And I haven't looked back. ;)
So, thanks Colleen for introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging - and also for helping me overcome some of my embarrassment over my teenage self. She likes to draw out all my deepest secrets. hahaha.

So, for my blogoversary Colleen asked if I have ever done anything illegal (aside from traffic violations). Ahem. I don't even know if I should go there. Well, may I first start by saying that the only ticket I've ever gotten was for having a front headlight out. And that said, I think it's safe to say I haven't really done anything arrestable. But, ahem (I think I might have something caught in my throat, cough cough), as Zac and I discussed this the other night, I began to get flashes of some instances where perhaps I may have been guilty by association.

Oh but then there was the occasion of the "party gone wild" with underage drinking and other myriad issues that was at my house, or rather in the field next to my house, but wasn't technically my party (my friend had her party at my house - long story) - and my parents were home and explained that the people partying in the field hadn't been invited to the party that wasn't even my party, so the cops were actually dispersed quickly and without incident.

And there were just a couple instances of running or hiding from police for being on the premises of parks, or you know, maybe Quantico Marine Corps Base, after dark, when I guess they don't really want you there.

And there might have been one or more times I kinda sorta borrowed an ID to go dancing at a club before I was 18. (ahem. but can they arrest for you that, though?!)

Ok. So. Hm. Before I dig myself any deeper into a hole (and think of anything else I may have blocked from my memory), I'd say I've answered the question enough, don't you?

Suffice it to say, ahem, I think I was a pretty good girl, overall. But I did do some dumb stuff now and then. Fair enough?! Phew! ok, done then. ;)

Anyone else want to make some confessions? Let's hear it. I'm quite certain there are many with life stories much wilder (and probably tamer, too) than mine.

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Colleen said...

Ha ha! I was hoping you wouldn't conveniently skip my question. :)

I think the only thing I ever did that was possibly an arrestable offense involved a fast-moving vehicle, a baseball bat, and some construction barrels. Oh wait, and then a friend and I relocated a cow crossing sign to a cute boy's front yard. Nothing TOO crazy here.

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