Saturday, March 27, 2010

Abigail Ballerina gets her first Pointe Shoes

Well today was the big day. Abigail and her ballet teacher and the 3 other girls getting pointe shoes met at the dance store with their parents for their pointe shoe fittings. So exciting!

Thanks to an amazing miracle in the form of an unexpected source of some extra money, we were able to get her these shoes and I have been overwhelmed with gratitude. It has just been amazing.

Aren't they beautiful?! :)

And do you think she's happy about this or what?! hahaha.

Afterwards, she and I went and had lunch for a little mommy-daughter date at an artisan bakery cafe, which was delicious. We had such a fun day together.
Also on this note, since I mentioned our tight budget issues regarding her ballet classes, I wanted to give a little update of where things stand now. After discussing our concerns with the owner of the studio, we were able to work out an arrangement where Abigail and I will clean the studio once a week in exchange for a discount on her tuition. She is excited to have a "job" and I think it will be good for her to have to work a little for it and to be able to have some ownership in the process. Abigail will also be assisting a younger class (3-4 yr olds) on stage for the spring recital (so they have an example to follow) - and for doing that, our recital fee was waived! Yahoo!!
We are still unsure how long even these accommodations will allow her to continue. But it is helping tremendously right now and for that we are soo thankful. I feel so blessed in so many ways. It is truly amazing. It's been a happy day. :)


Colleen said...

Yay! I'm so glad things worked out so that she could get her pointe shoes and continue dancing!

Amy said...

I am so glad that worked out! She looks thrilled.

bonitinha said...

I'm thrilled!!! My heart ached for you when you wrote that other post wondering what you were going to do! I'm so glad she got the shoes and she gets to dance a little longer. We've struggled with the same questions (and Rebekah's dance career is not nearly as advanced as Abigail's!) so I know that agony! I hope that things continue to work out!

Jennifer said...

That is so exciting. What a blessing to have a way to continue dancing.

heather b. said...

I am so excited for her! Can't wait for the next recital!

I was considering donating blood for her dance fund, so if the need arises, let me know.

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