Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One of most interesting things about rereading my old journals that I've found is that I often wrote just as much about my nighttime dreams as I did about things that actually happened. This makes for some fascinating and sometimes confusing reading, as I would sometimes be reading about an incident thinking, did this really happen? I swear I don't remember this happening. . . only to discover later in the entry that it was just a dream I had.

So, continuing the grand tradition of recording dreams that won't make a bit of sense to anyone else, or even myself in a few years, I bring to you some interesting tidbits from my dreams last night:

1. I dreamt that I won a gift basket of Easter decorations from a blog giveaway. Pretty pastel easter decorations. Yep.

2. I was walking the kids to school and explaining to someone about how I made Abigail walk to school through the snow in a skirt with thin tights.

3. I dreamt that I was in middle school, but not really, and I decided to run home. Literally. And I (literally) ran into an old friend who was also a high school cross country star (Anne S.) and she asked me where I was going and why I was running. And I tried to explain that I didn't feel well and needed to go home but I also wanted to get some exercise on the way. Um, yeah. It didn't make any sense to her either.

4. Dreamt that I saw a different old friend in person that I haven't seen for a very long time and there was some weird significance to holding up our hands palm to palm.

5. And I was talking to friend who is moving (in real life) and trying to fit in a time when I could babysit her kids for her but it was the day of Zac's big race plus some other big scheduled things including a job interview for me (?).

6. And finally, I dreamt about food. Leftover breakfast or something. That part's a little vague in my recollection.

There. Was that fun?

Who wants to offer dream interpretations for me? hehehe.

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bonitinha said...

All of that was last night? Ack! Busy mind!

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