Friday, March 5, 2010

Random Friday

I haven't done one of these in awhile. But I am feeling random. So here you go, my random thoughts for today, plus the first 10 songs that come up on the random shuffle on my ipod:

1. First, just wanted to apologize somewhat for my last post. It was a little melodramatic and I do feel a little bad for being all whiny and upset about ballet shoes when there are so many people truly suffering and in need of much. People out of work completely, losing their homes, struggling to get by day to day. I am not unaware of how trivial and petty my concerns are in the big picture. So I am sorry for being self-absorbed, pretty much all the time. I guess that's what a blog is for.

2. I don't know if it's just because she's the baby or what, but Elisabeth can be an incredibly demanding, clingy, affectionate child. She loves to smother and be smothered with kisses, hugs, cuddles and tickles, which can all be wonderful in moderation. But sometimes it can be suffocating. She also craves and seeks verbal affirmations of love. All. the. time. Hundreds of times throughout the day she will say "I love you, mom" or sometimes she'll take a preemptive approach and say "I love you too" as a greeting.

The other day, her friend Elijah was over for our little playgroup thing and she immediately attacked him with hugs and said "I love you too." In response, he looked at her and said in a slightly annoyed voice, "but I didn't say I love you." She was unfazed by his lack of enthusiasm and they both ran off happily to play, but I laughed and laughed.

3. Just in case some of you may be under the false impression that Samuel and Elisabeth have outgrown their notorious trouble-making schemes, I will also mention that last week Samuel filled up our bathroom sink completely with shaving cream, squirted toothpaste all over the potty seat while he was going potty (so it was in the toilet, on his legs and all over the seat - lovely), washed a bunch of Fisher Price Little People in the sink (and drenched the entire bathroom in the process), and managed to get himself and Elisabeth covered with mud outside. I'd say that's the only downside to springtime - all the squishy, soggy, thawing earth.

Anyway -

4. Abigail is loving her new room. We have made a rule that Leia the Bunny is absolutely never ever allowed in that room with the new carpet, so I haven't been surprised to find Abigail sometimes hanging out in the old room with the bunny. But then I kept finding her clothes on the floor in the old room and it appeared that she was continuing to change her clothes in there, for some unknown reason. I asked her about it and she said "well you told me I needed to keep my new room clean!" Uh-huh. So she's been leaving her mess in the other room instead. Perfect.
5. It's snowing. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

6. I started writing some other random thoughts but it was turning out really really long, so I guess I'll put those in posts of their own sometime.

7. And here is the song of the week, "Careful" by Guster:

But you can't hide standing under these stars
They know everything, they know where you are
You're in your head, you're all turned around with it
And they're shining down their light to bring you back again
Back where I can find you
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
All you want to see is make believe it's nothing
But way down underneath
I'm ringing all the warning bells
Careful you don't hurt yourself

(Go here to watch a video of it for yourself (it wouldn't let me embed it, unfortunately): )

Not only is it a very catchy tune, and I really love the harmonies, but something in those lyrics I quoted are resonating with me this week, so I've been listening to it a lot. And - do you hear that tambourine?! That. is. cool. Love it.

So I guess that's it.

Here's my random 10 list for today:

1. Ballerina Out of Control - The Ocean Blue
2. 867-5309/Jenny - Tommy Tutone
3. Prelude D'un Faune - Debussy
4. In this very room - John Canaan
5. Tell Me What You See - The Beatles
6. Hyena - REM
7. Medjuborje - The Innocence Mission
8. Stranded at the Drive-in - Grease Soundtrack
9. Her Majesty - The Beatles
10. Shoehorn With Teeth - They Might Be Giants

And if anyone wants to make recommendations of any music you think I might like, by all means, please do share!! I could use some recommendations . . . :)
(and I'm still so sad that my ipod is full. I've been taking off some stuff, but it is so hard to decide which things to do without. Tough choices.)

Have a wonderful weekend . . .
(PS and Happy Birthday to my Big Sister!!) :)


Colleen said...

Ha ha, that's super funny. Elijah definitely doesn't hold back. :)

Tricia F said...

Kristen, being a lover of music, have you tried Pandora? I just recently discovered it, and it's really fabulous! You just choose a song or an artist, and they create a playlist around that song/artist for you! You can select while playing, to either 'like or 'dislike' a song which will then affect whether or not it shows up again. Maybe a nice alternative for a full ipod? :)

Alyssa said...

Fun stuff!

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