Monday, March 8, 2010

Eight-Year-Olds Say the Darndest Things! - Rare Zac Post

Ok, so I just have to share a couple funny things my poor, innocent 8-year-old said today.

He's a very bright boy and he'll go on and on about history, science, books he's read, or the latest thing he's written or created. Sometimes I struggle to keep up because if you flinch in thought for half a second (e.g. I'm burning the soup!), you can miss a lot. I need to teach him about the importance to pause after sentences.

Anyway, today the topic was nitrogen and the gases that surround planets. He wanted to know more about nitrogen and what its good for, etc. Anyway, he started explaining the various gases that some of the planets have and then he caught me off guard by excitedly blurting out, "Did you know that uranus has all kinds of gases around it?" Anyway, that one made me chuckle for quite a while. I know...I know...dirty mind.

Well that's not all. Later he was playing with his brother and I don't know what led to this comment but he didn't quite get it right. He said, referring to Peter Pipers pickled peppers, "Enough with your pickled peckers!" Ok, yes...once again...I chuckled most whole heartedly.

The poor boy may never know why his father was struggling to maintain his composure today. One thing is for sure, kids say the darndest things.


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