Monday, March 8, 2010

Roller-Skating is Fun!

I love roller-skating rinks. I like the disco balls. I like the goofy music. I like getting a blister on my right foot instep from going round and round the same direction in skates that never quite fit right.

And I've decided I like roller skating even more than ice-skating or roller-blading. The problem with ice skating can be summed up in just a couple words: cold and ruts. Ruts in the ice are just problematic. And why skate in the cold when you can skate in a cozy warm rink with fancy lights?! Yes, exactly. And that's not even to mention all the fun games they do at the roller rinks - the hokey pokey, 4 corners, the limbo, trio skates, etc - can't beat that!

And roller-blading. Well, I am just way too familiar with the skate brake in the front. And roller-blading on the road just feels wrong to me. I miss the comfort of knowing I can run into edge of the rink, if necessary, to make myself stop. I just couldn't get used to it (yes, the 2 times I tried it). And roller-blading at the rink? Well, roller blades cost $3 to rent. Skates cost just $1. And I'm cheap and I like skates. So why mess with a good thing??

So - I convinced Abigail to go roller-skating for her 8th Birthday party (3 yrs ago) and when I saw that the kids' school was having a free skate night for families last week, of course we had to go!

The kids are also allowed to bring scooters and scoot around, which Samuel and Isaac really enjoyed. I tend to think that's cheating a little bit (and makes it kind of tough for the people actually skating - little kids on scooters are even more reckless than little kids on skates). We had them both give it a try with skates, as well, because how can you learn if you never try? But they had more fun on the scooters.

(Zac taking Elisabeth and Samuel)

(me with Elisabeth and some random girl with a pink shirt - look! I let Zac take my picture, and I didn't erase it, and I even posted it! yay.)

(Isaac in the green shirt zipping around on the scooter. He said he could do "tricks" - I have no idea what kind of tricks those were, but it made him happy)

(Abigail trying to get the hang of it with Zac - by the end she was going around by herself and doing pretty well!)

Even though my upper back and arms were terribly sore from dragging the kids and trying to keep them from falling down, it was still a lot of fun. Zac and I took turns going around by ourselves a couple times and I became convinced of 2 things:
1. We should really go together by ourselves sometime like on a college night or something when there aren't so many little kids. It would be fun.
2. And I just might want to try roller-blading again someday. We have some really good bike trails in our neighborhood - and it really might be fun to try to skate on them! And if I had my own roller-blades, then we could go to the rink and not have to rent them! So there. I never have really understood how roller-blading became "cool" in a way that roller-skating never was. But oh well. I'm trying to accept it.
And one (perhaps only) advantage of having kids in 2 different schools, the other school is having a free skate night coming up soon, too! So we get to go again!! Wohoo! :)
(P.S. Have I mentioned that my dad had trophies from roller-skating competitions when he was younger? Yep, it's in my blood. ) :)


Jane said...

Halle's having a roller-skating party for her 8th birthday!!! yay! Do they allow the scooters all the time? or is that just a special thing for the school nights? i love roller-skating!

Kristen said...

yes, scooters are allowed all the time. And you can push a stroller - I even saw some kid on a big wheel, but that didn't seem like a very good idea. I think pretty much everything with wheels is allowed (besides big kid bikes). :)
Have fun with Halle's party! So fun!!

Amy said...

I love to roller skate! I used to do Stroller Skate when Maggie was small. I was thinking the other day that we should take the kids skating. Glad you guys had a good time!

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