Sunday, August 15, 2010


These baskets of laundry usually torment me. It's never ending. And as soon as it's done, it's time to begin again.
But the other day, as I sat cross legged on the floor, sorting and folding and sorting and folding, I was surprisingly filled with gratitude.
I felt grateful to have a working washer and dryer.
And for the amazing convenience of these lovely appliances.
I was grateful for good smelling laundry detergent.
And for stain removers that really work.

I was thankful to have all these clothes to fill these baskets.
And I was thankful for these kids (and husband) who wear all these clothes.
I know that I should feel grateful for these things all of the time. But I don't. Or I know it in my head. But don't really feel it in my heart. I'm not sure what made the difference this time. Why I felt differently.
And I imagine that reading this yourself, you may think as well, "yes yes I know I know". But you still may not be able to look around at all your laundry and feel anything but the weight of the gargantuan task. I know this - because too often I am suffocated by all the many many things I *should* be happy about, but am not.
And so, even though I am so often overwhelmed and simply unable to look past one step after another of all the things I need to do, I am mostly just so thankful
for this one moment
folding laundry
when I could.


Mary said...

Great thought!

Mom B. said...

Very well said. Sometimes it's hard to look past all that we have to do and be grateful but we do have so much to be grateful for. It's nice when we realize it. Love you!

Colleen said...

I've actually always kind of enjoyed doing laundry. There's lots of time to do other things while the machine is going (and I'm still being productive!), and I listen to music or the scriptures on my iPod while folding. Good post. :)

Anonymous said...

i read something somewhere long ago that talked about finding serenity in laundry.. the feel of warmth coming off the fabric in particular, and i realized that i love that feeling too.. ever since then i've tried to fold it up while still warm, just to enjoy it.

it also reminds me of the buddhist principle of Being Here Now, of finding meditation and peace in every day things like sweeping, or laundry.. endeavoring to put your heart into whatever task is at hand.. not often easy, but wonderful thing to keep in mind.


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