Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wind Week

This is Samuel: hiding under the blanket on his teacher's lap while she read books outside on one of the last days of school.
He hates wind.
Like really hates it.
Like cowers in a corner and cries because he doesn't want to go out in it.

It sometimes disrupts our entire family's plans because he will scream and resist and throw a fit over not wanting to go somewhere outside when it might be windy. Even if it's not very windy. If the leaves on the trees rustle even a little, it's "windy." If there are clouds and it looks like it might rain, it could be "windy." A slight breeze is "wind."

We've tried to figure this out and work around it somehow. I even brought a blanket to a neighborhood picnic once thinking he might be ok with hiding underneath it. Nope. We've wondered if it's a sensory thing, or just fear and anxiety. And we don't know. I can't think of any particular traumatizing event he's had in the wind. We have no idea. And talking, reasoning, comforting - none of it helps.

But. Anyway. At the suggestion of a couple friends and a therapist, I decided to try to do a "Wind Week." The idea is that by giving him new positive associations with the wind, it might help him deal with it a little better. And by giving him some power and control with the wind, he might not feel so anxious. All great ideas.

So, just in case any of you might find yourselves some day in a situation where you are trying to help someone overcome a wind phobia, or you just want to have a week of fun with wind, here is what we did.

First, the theme song:

"I hear the wind blow, I hear the wind blow,
it seems to say, "Hello! Hello! I'm the one who loves you so."

They Might Be Giants - Fingertips #19
(and I've been trying to find a clip of this to post but just cannot find one, sorry)

And another song (to the tune of Bingo)

"There was a day when we were blown
and windy was the weather
and windy was the weather!"

Here are the books we read (one a day)

1. A Windy Day by Robin Nelson 2. What Happens When Wind Blows? by Daphne Butler

3. It's the Wind by Catherine Nichols

4. Wind by Natalie Rosinsky

5. Gusts and Gales: A Book About Wind by Josepha Sherman

A couple times we even sat outside to read the books. :)

And then these are the activities we paired with the books:

1. Bubbles

2. Trash Bag Kites

3. Wind Socks

4. Pinwheels

5. We tried to go to a Hot Air Balloon Festival but it had been cancelled due to a thunderstorm. We have driven by some windmills, though.
I'm sure you would all love to know how effective this has all been in helping Samuel adapt a little to the wind. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of a difference at all. Sigh.
But it was fun. :)


bonitinha said...

I think it sounds wonderful, and maybe (hopefully) over time it will be one of the things that helps him feel better about it.

The Mel B said...

It does look like the activities were great fun!

Mom B. said...

Wow .... You were really creative. Looks like the kids had fun with the activities. Hopefully it will have a positive affect on Samuel. It may take a while though and a few more fun activities!! :)

Colleen said...

Sounds like a great idea, even if you haven't seen any positive effects yet. Hopefully it's just one of those phases that he'll eventually just grow out of.

heather b. said...

How sweet. Great ideas and the photo collages look fab! It even looks like he's having fun in the wind!

Jennifer said...

I love the pictures of the bubbles, windsocks and pinwheels, very cool.

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