Tuesday, August 31, 2010

trippin' part 7: last day in Baltimore

well it's been building up inside of me
for, oh I don't know how long
I don't know why,
but I keep thinking something's bound to go wrong
but she looks in my eyes
and makes me realize
when she says
Don't Worry Baby
Everything will turn out alright

- The Beach Boys

So I kind of decided that this Beach Boys song was sort of a theme song for this trip. haha, I know I'm a dork. But the day before we left, I was sitting on the floor frantically folding laundry and this song came on the random shuffle on my ipod (hey and don't even judge me for having Beach Boys on my ipod. nope, just don't). Anyway - I was completely stressed out over many many things related to the trip to the point where I was almost physically shaking. I was just trying desperately to keep myself together in some shape or form. And these lyrics were, well, somewhat fitting.

And then the first day in Baltimore as Zac and I were wandering around the harbour, this song came on suddenly, blasting from the sound system of one of the boats docked there. I tried to take that as a sign. Or something like that. ;) It was funny to me.

I was trying really hard to convince myself that everything was going to be ok.
And well, everything did indeed work out. Amazingly.
Sometimes I guess I just need someone (maybe the Beach Boys) singing to me "don't worry, baby - everything will turn out alright . . . ."
So anyway, the last day we were there we walked around the Little Italy area some more. And we ate at Cafe Gia's for the second time. Really really good stuff.

And I guess I should also mention that I started feeling sick on this morning (and I have continued to have sporadic stomach pain ever since, actually. But I guess that's another story). It could have had something to do, perhaps, with the 6 entire crabs I had eaten the night before. Just maybe my body wasn't accustomed to feasting on so much . . . crab. It could have also been that I was nervous and kind of sad about coming back home. I mean, I missed my kids quite a lot. But I really would have been ok if they could have come out to where I was, instead of me having to come back here. Oh well. Anyway - so Zac and I also spent a good amount of time browsing Barnes and Noble with me moaning and clutching my stomach, while we waited until it was time to go to the airport. Good times.

Luckily, by the time we boarded the plane I was feeling considerably better (another example of things going better than expected).

And then . . . we were on the way home.

Just one more post to go, folks! You've held on remarkably well. Thanks for reading and following along :)

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I've never eaten crab like that. It actually looks pretty fun.

I love dolphins, so cool.

Sorry, your stomach is yucky. I hope you feel better soon, consistently better.

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