Sunday, August 8, 2010

where I walk: thoughts on wide open spaces

Lately I have been going for walks out west of my house. And if I go out for 30 minutes in this direction along this exercise path, this is the view that greets me:

I pass all the neighborhoods, come up over this little hill, and voila, there awaits the grand expanse of nothingness. My soul heaves a great sigh of relief and somehow I feel all (most?) of my stress and tension dissipate out into these fields somewhere.

I have realized through these walks that I am not really a city girl. Being around too many people makes me feel claustrophobic, congested, smothered. I like a little space to breathe. I like feeling alone - for just a little bit.

It restores me to a bit of calm.

It helps me see more clearly.

And while these 'fields of gold' aren't necessarily my favorite landscape feature, I can still appreciate them. I am learning to appreciate them.

I am trying to learn to appreciate where I am.

And having some time alone helps me appreciate a little of who I am, too, in the process.
What about you?


Jennifer said...

When I lie on my bed and look out a certain window it looks like there's nothing out here but me. If it's quiet I can pretend that I'm all alone for just a second.

Colleen said...

Yes, there is beauty even out here in the desert. :)

bonitinha said...

Long solitary walks are a big part of keeping my balance for me too. Those pictures are beautiful and make me miss that place.

heather b. said...

Beautiful! Glad you're learning to appreciate it. Open space can be so restorative, I think. And the desert ain't all bad, just look at how pretty it is.

Mary said...

If it is any comfort those fields of gold look nice and "green" to me. After all I don't see any cactus growing!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post.
and your pics, as always..

get out and walk. breath the space.

yes. =)


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