Thursday, August 19, 2010

meet melissa

This is my beautiful sister Melissa whom I get to go visit when I am in VA. I'm very excited.
She knitted that cute little heart.
And her fiance, Chris, was the photographer behind all this creative cuteness.
I just loved these pics so much I had to steal them to post for myself.
In other news, we are down to the wire with back-to-school and getting-ready-for-the-trip. Yikes!! I am more than a little stressed about everything I want to have done before I leave. I would really like to leave things as orderly as possible for my mom so things run smoothly while she's here. And just a little stressed about navigating a metro, train and car rental for my day o' adventure gallivanting around my hometown. And then also a little stressed about missing my kids' first days of school. I know we will all be fine. Maybe it's not even that I am going to be missing it. It's just stressful worrying about how all my kids will do in their new classes. Esp. Samuel with a brand new school environment and schedule (full day plus a longer bus ride). It's just a lot of adjustments that will be taking place. And it's nerve-wracking. So even though I won't be here, maybe especially because I won't be here, I'm just nervous for all of them.
It is all very exciting. And I know, absolutely, that everything will be fine. It will be fine. My mom is amazing and will have a great time with the kids. And I know I can't WAIT to go. But I would be a big fat liar if I also didn't express some of my upcoming stress. hehehe. ;)
Anyway - so I will be taking a little blog break for the next week or so. Don't worry, I'll have plenty to write about when I return to blog-land.
See you later, friends!! :)


Jennifer said...

Cute pics, cute heart, cute girl.

I feel for you. It is stressful to go off and leave your kids in a normal time let alone the first days of school. It will be fine though because you can call them and see how they did with everything. I hope you just enjoy your trip and don't worry.

I also like that poem. You really should put them all in a book and look into getting published.

Amy said...

Have a wonderful time!

bonitinha said...

Have a great trip! And if she's willing to share, I'd love to know how Melissa knitted that heart. Srsly, all I do these days is knit little stuffed animals and a cute little heart would go great!

Alyssa said...

Cute sister...I always liked that sister of yours. She seemed like a big hearted girl and I knew she looked up to you.

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