Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I woke up this morning at 5 am to amazing rain and thunder and then throughout the day a few more thunderstorms rolled through. I loved it.

I could spend hours staring up at the sky, watching the storm clouds.

We even got some pretty good size hail.

Anyway, in the evening, after most of the rain had stopped (and this pretty rainbow appeared), I went for a walk. The smell of wet sidewalks, cool air, a few raindrops, lightning in the distance, and an incredible pink sunset reflecting off the clouds made so incredibly happy.

And then what made it even better, was when I saw these snails in front of my neighbor's house. I went home, got my camera and went back to snap some shots. I have a strange fascination with snails. Just something about them being all at once disgusting and adorable makes them irresistible to me.

I just haven't felt this happy in quite some time. I seem to be particularly affected by the weather and this is weather that I love. :)
(and by the way, another terrific storm with thunder and lightning is hitting us again as I write this. Hooray!!!)


Colleen said...

We must have been out walking about the same time you were. Was the snail at the Burdicks' house? If so, it's the same one Elijah petted. :)

The Mel B said...

There's a little bit of a double rainbow in that photo! :)

Kristen said...

Colleen, yep same snail(s). :)

Jennifer said...

I agree. It was a beautiful day. I love the rain and clouds.

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