Monday, April 18, 2011

Elisabeth is Five!!

It is really incredible to me that my "baby" is 5 yrs old. I'm not sure how this happened (?). But here she is, the cutie. My youngest child is not so little anymore!She had a really great birthday. She kept asking me beforehand how "big" she was going to be once she was 5. She'd reach up as high as she could and ask, "will I be this big?" And she really wants to be a "big kid." It's tricky for her because in our household, it's just easy to divide the kids into "the big kids" and "the little kids" (2 of each, easy peasy). So the big kids take care of the little kids, or we split up and the big kids will do one thing while the little kids do another, etc. But she and Samuel are frankly getting tired of being the "little" kids; they want to be BIG. I guess we'll have to work on that.

And she was sooo excited and ready to go, she tried to blow out the candles right after Zac lit them (before we'd even had a chance to sing Happy Birthday to her). He had to light most of them again and start over. Silly girl. :)

But she got some really great gifts and was very very happy, which of course makes me happy.

Her "big" gift was a new girly scooter just for her. We've usually gotten the kids a little bike for their 5th birthday - but since she is getting Abigail's old bike, we went with a scooter instead.

So yay for Elisabeth!! She is such a spirited, strong-willed little thing. Fearless. Determined. Fiercely affectionate. It's quite an adventure learning how to be her parents but we love her to death.

(and that brings us halfway through this season of birth days - yippee!) :)


Mom B. said...

Yay for Elizabeth!!! And I love her to death too! Such a sweety!

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

That is crazy. She will always be littler than your other kids though since she is the baby, it can't be helped. I love her dress, so cute.

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