Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break 2011: #4

Thursday: welll, I tried to make these baked apple cinnamon doughnut things (and I took some really awful photos of some of the process. My bowls are pretty though, aren't they?). They turned out very crumbly and it didn't make very many, but they were tasty. The consensus was that they were kind of more like a muffin - so the kids were disappointed that they didn't get "real" doughnuts. Whatever. And Elisabeth hovered around me and tried to help but that was the only real "fun" involvement involved - but at least we all had a treat to eat, and that's something out of the ordinary at least. Then Isaac and Abigail slept downstairs in the little tent.
For the record though: remind me not to ever commit myself to trying to be fun everyday again. haha. It's too much pressure, I've decided. And it's rather counterproductive to start feeling like you're a failure at being "fun." ;)

see ya

[note: I've been trying to publish this all day but we updated to IE 9 which apparently has a nice little glitch with blogger which prevents being able to publish posts. It's taken me all day to figure this out and have now taken off IE 9, so now hopefully I can be back to blogging happily. Just thought you might want to know.]

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Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

Your bowls are super cute.

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