Thursday, April 28, 2011

Isaac is 10!!

Last week we celebrated Isaac's 10th birthday!

First we had just a family party - one thing we got is this nifty art set. I'm only mentioning that particularly because it's one of the best pics I got of him. ;)
All he asked for was video games. We got him one. But we hope to expand his interests and spark some excitement for some of his other talents, as well.

After dinner, Isaac had 9 of his friends over for a movie night.

First they sat around and all watched him play his new video game for awhile. It cracked me up that these boys can find someone else playing a game sooo interesting.

Fun party time:

Then here is most of the group watching the movie:

Then later some of the boys got bored with the movie and moved into the living room for a balloon fight. I also ended up with Elisabeth and 3 of the kids playing a preschool color-matching board game (Duck Duck Goose) for awhile. I kept waiting for the boys to get sick of how silly and immature the game was - but they played at least 3 rounds, which made me laugh.

And the 3 stalwarts who stuck it out til the end of the movie (including Isaac):

Soo, I'm not sure if the movie night was the best idea in the world for a group of very active 9-10 yr old boys - but I think they had fun. And they ate lots of candy. And Isaac was happy, so I think that's all that matters. :)

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Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

Happy Birthday to Isaac. I can't believe he is 10. I don't understand the whole watching other people play, but video game lovers do it all the time.

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