Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break 2011: #3

Sleepover! Abigail had a friend sleepover Tues night (for the first time ever actually) and they had a great time playing video games, making home videos, jumping on the trampoline (and whatever else they did when I wasn't watching). ;) They also generously played with all the younger siblings which made them very happy, and made me very happy. So that was most of Wed! In the home stretch now, Spring Break is almost over! The weather got sort of chilly so I'm tempted to stay home today and maybe make homemade pretzels. Or cookies. Or doughnuts. We'll see. I had sort of vague plans to do some spring cleaning/organizing/rearranging this week, but that hasn't happened. Someday Zac and I also need to paint the other half of our bedroom. Hm. Ohh, the best laid plans . . . Never enough time (or energy) to do everything I'd like to. I think energy is the main culprit. I don't have any. Ever. Oh well. Ok. Time to get my exercise done and do something fun today! Ready, set . . . GO!

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