Friday, November 20, 2009


I meant to include this in my thankful thursday but forgot about it until the kids were in bed last night and I was overcome again by this, my latest food obsession (everyone has those, right?).

We call this a tortilla doughnut. Zac introduced me to them years ago. And I think lately he is probably regretting that fact because I ask him to make me one almost every night (he's just so good at it!).

You take a flour tortilla, fry it on both sides in just a touch of canola oil (that makes it healthy, right?), then sprinkle with powdered sugar (my sprinkling got a little out of hand in the above example). It actually tastes quite a bit like funnel cake, I think. So yummy!! And it's perfect for when you are craving something sweet but have nothing sweet to eat in the house (for me this seems to be happening every night). But we seem to always have some tortillas on hand! Lucky me! It is also especially tasty with some hot cocoa or fruit tea.

So I am thankful for tortilla doughnuts. Anyone else tried this? If not, oh, you really should. Really.

And thanks for letting me share.
I'll try to think of something more thought-provoking another time. :)
(my head still hurts - yuck!)


Anonymous said...

holy cow! that looks dangerous.. heheh.


Jennifer said...

I've never tried that. I used to take a tortilla, spread butter on it and cinnamon and sugar and warm it in the microwave, roll it and eat. I think yours sounds way better.

Planet said...

That sounds yummy. Can't wait try it.

Alyssa said...

reminds me of buenelos--fried tortillas sprinkled with cinnamon sugar--a very yummy favorite!!!

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