Wednesday, November 25, 2009

note to self

Just a little word to the wise.

No, you cannot schedule all 4 kids dentists' appointments at the same time as both yours and your spouse's check-ups. Just don't.

Because you might just spend all your time in the dentist chair wondering who is watching the little ones in the lobby and wondering how their appts. went, and trying to keep everyone entertained until finally, 2 and 1/2 hours later, you will all be done at last and leave wondering how all the kids' teeth are and why in the world did that take so long anyway?!?!

So don't do that again.

But be glad for free ice cream cones courtesy of the dentist, and only one cavity to be filled. I suppose that's good news.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!
Tonight we will be scrambling to finish cleaning the house, and Zac is making a pumpkin pie . . . and then I'll check my list and see what's up next. Wish us luck


Anonymous said...

ice cream from a dentist? that just seems wrong.. lol!!


bonitinha said...

I'm thinking, ice cream from a dentist... now that's my kind of dentist!!!

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