Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Full moon on Halloween night!

carving pumpkins
Abigail as "the sleepy lady," Elisabeth as "little witch," Isaac as "Clifford the Big Red Dog," and Samuel for his second run as "C3PO."

And another pose with the pumpkins

We decided that since the weather was nice, and we would be outdoors and not in close contact with people, and not touching shared surfaces (just holding out treat bags), we thought they would all be ok to go trick or treating despite some lingering coughs. Isaac became dreadfully thirsty, though, and wanted to cut his treats short to go home and get a drink (whatever!) - so Zac took him and Elisabeth home after a quick run of our neighborhood (up and down 2 streets). Abigail, Samuel and I kept going for a few more houses. Samuel especially really wanted more and more candy!! Elisabeth was really cute this year shouting trick or treat and Happy Halloween to everyone we passed. And Zac and I realized that this is our first year where all the kids could walk on their own (not lugging a stroller) and not needing any help going up to peoples' doors. We've entered a new stage of trick-or-treating life! WOW! The next phase I suppose will be when Abigail wants to go out with groups of friends. That hasn't happened - yet!
Anyway - it was a fun Halloween. Hope yours was safe and fun, as well. :)


Mr. Sessions said...


Just heard of a fabulous idea just in case your family, like mine, was stricken with the flu right before Halloween. My sister-in-law had a similar disaster and she faced very sad little faces who of course still wanted desperately to trick or treat. So she had the siblings line up in the doorway of each of the rooms in her house and let the child do an indoor trick or treat which I thought was a really good idea. Ben my oldest came down with the swine flu the day after Halloween. Well now the entire family with the exception of my wife have had it. Yah for the antibodies I suppose???


Anonymous said...

yay for clifford! i'm glad that costume is getting some use =)

and SUPER BIG YAY for self-mobile kids!!


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