Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Need I say more??
We had a lovely Thanksgiving.
So thankful for wonderful family near and far. Wish we could be closer to everyone to spend more fun holiday time together. We really do.
(PS -Zac and Abigail ran a 4.5 mile Turkey Trot this morning. yay for them!) :)
Hope you had a great day, as well.


Anonymous said...

looks fun!! (several of the pics are cut off tho).


Kristen said...

hm, they're not cut off on my screen (?)

Jennifer said...

The pics are cut off on the side, which is weird. I saw them all in my Reader, but can't see them all here. Your runners look like they are ready for the cold. Dinner looks yummy. I love the pic of Elisabeth with that huge leg.

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