Monday, November 2, 2009

Things Missed - and NaBloPoMo

Well, today is the first day in about 2 weeks that I have sent all 3 school-age kids to school. Amazing. I think we are all on the mend at last.
And I was thinking back to all the things we had to cancel or miss in the past 2+ weeks of illnesses.

Here's the tally:

11 days missed of school (3 kids combined)
2 preschool sessions I was supposed to host
3 weeks of Sunday meetings
2 piano lessons
1 violin lesson
1 study hall I was supposed to volunteer for
1 mother-daughter dinner
1 birthday party
2 parent teacher conferences
1 cub scout den meeting
1 visiting teacher visit
1 class halloween party

(Not to mention 2 weeks of housework and general housekeeping that just has not gotten done. yikes!)

Although I will admit that sometimes it's nice to just cancel life and all outside commitments and obligations, it is also nice to be well again and be able to participate in life outside of our house.
We are also busy rescheduling some of the necessary cancelled meetings and catching up on all the missed school work, etc., which I do not particularly enjoy. Kind of feels like we had to press "pause" on our life for awhile and now we have to do a frantic "fast forward" to catch up to where everyone else in the world is.
Like, is it really November? Really?!?

And speaking of November, it is time once again for National Blog Posting Month, where all bloggers are invited to post Every Single Day! Wohoo! An excuse to babble and bore you all with mundane details and ramblings! yay! (as if I needed an excuse, I know)
So, you have many many postings to look forward to.

And also, just a reminder to those of you friends who have nifty blog rolls listed on the sides of your blogs: I have noticed that some of you (ok, almost all) have not updated your blog lists to include a link to our new blog address. And since I know this is merely because you have forgotten or just not gotten around to it, and NOT because you just don't like me anymore, this is just a friendly reminder that I think it would be really great if you included us again. :) It would really make me happy.
(Just remember not to include our last name, thanks!)

Oh and I will beg once more for comments while I'm at it. Please please please. It seems I am getting even less comments than usual lately, if that's even possible. So sad. :(

ok, I'm done groveling.
That's it for now.


Jennifer said...

Sorry about not updating my blog roll. I made sure it was just your first names, but then didn't change the address. Done and done.

Welcome back to the world of the living. Have fun catching up. Christmas is in 52 Days, 12 Hours and 10 Minutes, but who's counting?

Jane said...

I'm so glad your kiddos are feeling better! Hopefully everyone will stay healthy for the rest of the year to enjoy the holidays. I'd update my blog, but wait, I don't have one! :P

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