Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my thoughts exactly

Sometimes as I browse other blogs out in the blogosphere, I find things that express what I am thinking in a way better than I ever could. It's almost uncanny sometimes.

So today I thought I might share a few of them from the last week or so. (click on the blog names to mosy on over to take a look for yourself)

describes my feelings of when days just feel like a failure. And the days when the little things just have to suffice.

The Chocolate Chip Waffle
expresses the strange place I am in my life of having young kids, but no longer having babies. It's like I'm kicked out of the "pregnancy club," so to speak. And it's a sort of odd realization. Life is different.
And I am sure it will feel different again when we enter the "raising a teenager" club. (ooooh, yikes.)

The Olsson Observer
is an old friend whom I haven't seen since '96 when we both left on missions. Through the miracle that is FB, we found each other again and reconnected via blog-land. This post was actually written by her husband, but it gives perfect advice for dealing with crazy Christmas relative-greeting. Anyone with slightly dysfunctional families should find something useful in his tips and tricks. Personally I think I might go with the windex technique. Just give you a little squirt when you need it. :)
(I think it also might apply to other non-family crazies, too. What if I go to the Black Friday sales armed with my windex? Think people might get out of my way and let me snatch the last whatchamacallit that's a deal-too-good-to-pass-up if I do a little spritzing here and there?!? yeah, I think that might work.)

And finally:
5 Orange Potatoes
I discovered this site not long ago from a link from another friend's blog and I have been thoroughly enjoying all the great ideas of things to do with dried, pressed fall leaves. I never did find any wax to coat mine with. So now I've got my sights on these pressed leaf lanterns. So pretty, aren't they? I've just got to get some mod-podge now. (It's true, I'm so uncrafty I don't even have any of that stuff.)
Wal-Mart was out of it last week on our shopping trip. Of course.

So anyway - those are some fun, interesting, insightful, or otherwise noteworthy links for you today.
Where do you do your best blog stalking? Got any good suggestions for me?


girlysmack said...

My favorite blogger is NieNie. You live in Provo, right? Is she like a celebrity there? :)

Kristen said...

yep, I read NieNie, too. :) And no, I'm not actually in Provo but she and her sister are probably definitely like celebrities among the blogger moms there who see them and know who they are.

I still have to explain everytime I mention her to my husband that "she's the blogger, you know, she and her husband were in the place crash - don't you rememember?"
sheesh - shouldn't he remember the names of these strangers whose blogs I follow?! Really. (hehehe)

Linda said...

I love the chocolate chip waffle...she said things I have been feeling for awhile now, but not really realizing it. So good. And, by the way, we did see each other at a BYU graduation party because you were pregnant and looked so cute! But, anyway, it has been a very long time. When we moved to Virginia I was secretly wishing you still lived here! Oh well, we swapped places!

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