Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 12: Recovery

And finally, Zac had off work the next day to recover and try to get things back in order again.

We pulled weeds and did yardwork for 4+ hrs that morning.

Washed, dried and put away over 7 loads of laundry.

Unpacked suitcases.

Went grocery shopping.

Took a nap.

And made a list of about 10 phone calls and appts I needed to take care of the next day.

And that was that!

Some more random thoughts/tidbits from the trip:

- Abigail wrote over 70 pgs of a story she was working on throughout the trip.

- Hard spearmint candies seemed to work well for car sickness (Isaac is our car-sicky).

- Pipe cleaners are great for a travel craft diversion. Give each kid a handful of different colors and see what they can make! I even had a pretty fun time braiding and twisting them into bracelets - hahaha.

- Hotel pools are an absolute necessity. Seriously.

- I need to move to Indiana. (I did make a visit to my dream home model open house, of course. The lady in the office claimed to remember me from the last time which made me laugh.)

- It's so great to visit family. :) We had a really great time with everyone, even though we drove everyone nuts, I am sure.

So, it was a really great trip.

And now I am trying to adjust to summertime and getting my brain to work again.

(Sorry these last few blog posts have been kind of disjointed and incoherent. Hopefully they make at least a little sense! I just wanted to get these pics up quickly.)

back to real life . . .


Colleen said...

Welcome home!

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Welcome back, sounds like a great trip! So beautiful.

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