Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 5: Children's Museum

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis was incredible (the people who designed the Children's Museum in SLC visited there to get ideas). It is considered the biggest/best in the country. Anyway - having 5 floors to explore and sooo much fun stuff, we could have spent more than one day there. There was too much to squeeze into one day! But we sure did have fun.
Zac's parents came with us (and we exhausted them) and Zac's grandparents loaned us their annual passes, which saved us about $100. YAY!!!
We are so glad we went. :)
(and fyi, these posts may begin to get shorter and less descriptive as I begin to get desperate to finish blogging about our vacation. I don't usually do a day-by-day playback of things we've done but this time I'm giving it a try. Just please keep in mind, I am not really doing any of this justice, but I am trying to give just a taste - and record a little bit of it all for posterity.) :)

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Jennifer said...

That does look amazing, how fun.

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