Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 7: hiking through the forest

Day 7 we went to Brown County State Park with Zac's dad.

And we went on what was supposed to be an "easy" hike down and around Strahl Lake (most of my "beautiful Indiana" pics were taken here). It turned out to be the hardest "easy" hike any of us had ever seen. The way down took us along a wooden path and about 100 stairs or more (I didn't count). And coming back up was torture. Torture, I tell you. The approx. 2 mile hike took us a couple hours, I think.

Anyway, even though Samuel cried and complained about not wanting to hike for most of the way, I'd still say that the beautiful scenery and having everyone else enjoy the hike made it all worth it. We had a picnic lunch (made all the more adventurous by the fact that Zac had forgotten to pack most of the lunch food - hehehe.) The kids also got to play at a fun playground, climb up and see the view from a fire tower, and drive through a covered bridge. Fun!! :)


Jennifer said...

I believe you. 2 miles of stairs does not sound fun, but it's pretty.

Colleen said...

So pretty!

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