Friday, June 11, 2010

Days 1 and 2: through the bug-splattered windshield

So, yes, if you haven't gathered already we actually did go somewhere on vacation - this time. :) We drove to beautiful Indiana to visit Zac's side of the family. And since some of you may not have ever had the grand privilege of driving through these parts of the country, as we have many times, I thought I'd share some pictures I took along the way so you can feel a part of the adventure.

Day One

Windy Wyoming
We left home in Utah at 5 am and dawn was breaking as we made our way through Wyoming.
We stopped for a picnic lunch near Cheyenne Wyoming and it was so windy our plates of food were blowing away, and of course Samuel with his wind-anxiety (or whatever it is) was freaking out. So we ended up with most of us in the car.

and Nothing Nebraska
My apologies to any of you who really love Nebraska. But seriously. Driving through is just hours and hours and hours of nothing. It's terrible.

We stopped for the night after driving about 13 hrs in Grand Island, NE. The hotel stunk. And the lady next door came over to ask us to please quiet down (at 8:45 pm), which was sort of mortifying. And it took forever to get the kids to sleep (and several different sleeping arrangements). And the shower was ice cold in the morning. Not good.

Day Two
Iowa (and the first glimpses of real trees!! Hooray!!)

Approaching the bridge across the Mississippi

The Mississippi River!!! And into IllinoisAnd finally, this is all we saw of Indiana as we drove in to Zac's brother's house in Northern Indiana at about 11:30 pm local time. Phew!! We made it!!! :)

to be continued . . .


Jennifer said...

Seriously, Nebraska is crazy.

Kerri said...

LOL. As much as I love Nebraska, it's definitely not for the scenery. Hastings College (where all the Moores went to college) is 15 minutes south of Grand Island. I was just there in May for Matt's graduation. Again, loved the school, but not because of the scenery. =) (Though the sandhill cranes are kind of cool when they are around, and the endless nothingness to obstruct your view does allow for unbelievable sunsets.)

Glad you got your tree fix. I totally understand that after living in Nebraska for ten years! =)

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