Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Elisabeth Songs

The other day I was out for a walk with Elisabeth in the stroller and she started singing a cute little made-up song to a tune reminiscent of "The Farmer in the Dell."

The words went something like:

"I Love You
You're cute, too
I want to kiss you all day long
muah! muah! muah!"

I told her I loved her song and asked her to sing another one.

The next one went something like this:

"You're hurt all day long
you bleed all day long
you need a bandaid
and then you die."

Um. Okay.


Mom B. said...

Oh dear. Quite a contrast between the two little songs. I like the first one much, much better!

Jennifer said...

That is hilarious. It made me laugh. What makes it even better is coming out of her sweet little face.

Colleen said...

Ha ha! They really come up with some doozies, don't they?

Jackie said...

This totally has me cracking up!

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