Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We got home last night after 2 days of driving home, in case anyone was wondering. We listened to this They Might Be Giants song on the way yesterday and it felt just about accurate. We made about 800 miles each day, too - and I just had to share. :)

And for the record, we counted water towers on Day 2 of the way to Indiana (through half of Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and into Indiana). There were 74. So now you know.

So anyway, I have a million things to do to catch up and clean up and get back to real life, but I will be blogging about our trip soon!! (And other things, too . . . )
More later :)


The Mel B said...

This reminds me of a children's musician I heard on NPR the other day, Justin Roberts. It's quite adorable and has a similar sound to TMBG, and I know some of your little ones have an affinity for rock & roll music! You should check it out.

Jennifer said...

Welcome Home.

Colleen said...

Ha! That's a great video. Welcome back!

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