Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Cheers for Abigail!

Just a little Abigail update. The last week of school she had a small violin recital at her teacher's house. She played Bach's Minuet 1 (from the Suzuki Book 1) and a song she had composed herself called "Grown Ups Talk" (some of you may have heard her singing it before, she adapted it to her violin). :) And she did a really great job.

Also the last week of school, they had a school awards ceremony. Abigail achieved the National Fitness Award as part of the Presidential Fitness program for getting at least 85% (or something like that) in all the fitness areas. She also got an academic award for having at least a B average!! YAY!! We're so proud of her.

And this past weekend was her annual ballet recital. (These pics are in reverse order, but just deal with it) So this first one is her bow in the finale.

Each of her class was one of the four seasons and performed a solo on stage with some of the younger dancers accompanying them.

Abigail was beautiful "Mother Spring" and the little girls were her "flowers."

Here's her class pre-show :) summer, spring, winter and fall

She also had the opportunity of helping the 3-5 yr old "Creative Dance" class on stage. The cute little "Elmos" - hahaha. Anyway she did a great job of showing them what they were supposed to be doing and keeping most of them on the stage. ;)

Anyway - she's doing such a great job as a dancer and is such a wonderful performer! We're so proud of her in all the things she's doing. YAY for Abigail!!! :)


Mom B. said...

Beautiful ballerina! Abigail did a beautiful job with her dance. She's a real natural. Did you record the violin playing? I'd love to hear it.

Alyssa said...

Beautiful---Mother Spring---my personal favorite if I had to choose:) looks like she's doing all kinds of well-rounded things...and excelling in them all!

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