Friday, November 4, 2011

German Food Recipes

I've had some requests for the recipes for the food I made for our German Oktoberfest feast (here and on FB). So here they are! Click on the links and have fun.:)

Spaetzle - there are many ways to serve this delicious dish, but my favorite is with cheese and ham. I've usually used gouda, this time we used Havarti cheese. I drained the spaetzle, melted 2 slices of cheese in with it, added some shredded ham slices and then gobbled it up! yum yum yum. Another note: this recipe claims this makes 6 servings but I can't even imagine it serving that many. I would say it made more like 3 good size side servings.

Bavarian cinnamon roasted almonds - I just used vanilla extract and regular sugar and salt. They were PERFECT!!

Brotchen - sooo good!! We used these as kind of buns to eat with the bratwurst - it was delicious!

Potato salad (no photo sorry) - this isn't the typical German kartoffelsalat but a "germanized" version I adapted from the Better Homes and Gardens recipe. Basically just has more vinegar, lots of dill, plus a chopped dill pickle for good measure.;)

Bratwurst (not a recipe but just an example of what you might find in the store)

Cucumber salad - I didn't actually like this recipe very much. I've had a very difficult time finding one that truly replicates what I loved so much in Germany (besides the Krauter herb/spice pack I've ordered from But you're welcome to give it a try and see how you like it. ;)

And then I just bought a big jug of fresh apple cider and a liter bottle of seltzer water (not club soda - get the kind without sodium) and mixed them together almost half and half to make it sparkling.


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