Wednesday, November 16, 2011

today's notes to myself

1. standing with a group and pretending to sing along for an audience because you're too phlegmy to actually sing is just downright embarassing. Next time, just skip it.

2. you can't go out in public with A&D ointment smeared all over your nose no matter how much you really want to. sorry.

3. seriously need to find a new strategy for dealing with Elisabeth's tantrums. It's out of control.

4. herbal tea is your best friend.

5. buy some Puffs Plus ASAP.

6. go exercise tomorrow morning instead of going back to bed like you have for 2 days now, regardless of how yucky you feel. Listen to Zac. Just do it.

7. waiting until 10:00 at night to try and write a blog post for the day just isn't really a very good idea. I know.

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