Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today Elisabeth, Samuel and Isaac stood up in church with all the other kids in our congregation aged 12 and younger and sang songs and recited scripture for the annual church Primary program.

Today my mom and her new fiance Lowell came down to watch the program with us and spend the evening with us (first time he has visited our home).

And then Abigail, my mom, and I were able to go to a musical fireside together where we heard Hilary Weeks perform and speak for all the women and young women of our church area. It was powerful and beautiful.

I've had a hard weekend emotionally. Just lots of factors combining to create a kind of unrelenting suction on my ability to cope with stuff. Ah well. So it goes.

But these were good things today. So, there is that.:)

(here's a song by Hilary Weeks that she didn't actually sing tonight. It's not even really my favorite song by her. But I love the video. I love the stories and what they represent for all of us. I love this concept that somehow everything is conspiring for our good, even the tragedies, and heartaches, and failures, and even all the little tiny annoyances and trials of daily human living. I believe that somehow all these things can work together to refine and shape us. Even when we don't see it. Even when we fight and kick and complain against it (oh, sometimes it is so hard for me). But I believe that that is why God has placed us here on earth. And I believe in God as our Heavenly Father who loves us as His children.
I just wanted to say that today.)


Colleen said...

Wow, that video totally made me cry.

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

I do love the video and message of that song, so beautiful. We had our program today as well.

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