Monday, November 28, 2011

I think I'm in love

oh, I know. This is all old news for a lot of you (most of you?). And you probably knew I was going to take this big step eventually.

But I finally took the leap and got myself an iphone! hip hip hooray! And I love it even more than I thought I could.;)
Zac and I decided to use our Healthy Lifestyles money from his work (where we get paid for exercising, doing self check-ups etc) for something "fitness related" for each of us. He's getting a GPS watch. I got the phone that I can use to track my calorie intake and calorie burn, etc.;) (My check is also paying for the first little while of data plan! wohoo!)

Anyway - it's a fun new toy. Very exciting for everyone in the family (Isaac is way too excited for the games for example. Oh you Angry Birds . . .). I'm finding all kinds of apps I didn't even know existed. And I'm trying to figure out a way to get free texting, among other things (also excited that I can text other iphone users for free, though. Which just happens to include pretty much my entire family. Except for Zac.)

Anyway - now's your chance to tell me all about your favorite apps!! I'm especially interested in hearing about any fitness/health related ones that you've found that work well (since that was my justification for getting this thing - heheh). I've found several, of course, but I'm curious to know which ones you like. If you're into that sort of thing.;)

And anything else, too.
Educational games for the kids? Neat free practical things? Budget tools? GPS navigation? Music? Photos?

What do you like the best? What do you use the most?

Tell me everything. It's all new to me so I'm all ears!

Ready to listen and learn.:)


Colleen said...

Ooh, jealous! I'm putting it off for one more year. Sigh. So on my Touch, which has most of the same apps, my favorites are:

Church: Gospel Library, LDS Tools, & Mormon Channel. All fantastic free(!) apps. Mormon Channel has video and audio on all of the conference talks and audio of the scriptures and magazines. Love.

Books: I have iBooks, Kindle, and Nook for ebooks and Overdrive for audiobooks through the library. I also use Goodreads a bit from my iPod.

Financial: I use our banking app (we can deposit checks with it by taking a photo!),, and PayPal.

Media: Love the Netflix app. I also use the KSL app sometimes.

Games: I went through the Angry Birds obsession for a little while, but Plants Vs Zombies for longer. That one's super fun. :) Definitely get Scrabble so I can play you if you're into it.

I'm mostly jealous of your new camera!!! There are tons of cool photo apps, Instagram comes to mind. I've also wished on more than one occasion that I had one of those cool apps where you can scan prices at the store and see if you can get a better deal somewhere else. Very cool.

Have fun!!! Can't wait to see what everyone else says...

mom B. said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of iphone!!! I didn't think you would ever succumb (of course it took me a while too). But it is a fun, fun toy and very functional too! You'll have to share your favorite apps with ME!! I'm excited that I can text you now!! Let the fun begin!

zac said...

I'm jealous. I can't help but kind of wish my current work phone would die because the Iphone is now an option. Your phone is so much better than my HTC with Microsoft operating system.

bonitinha said...

My sister & her husband use textfree to text from their ipad and touch, so that might be an option for free texting from your phone, but I don't know anything about the world of apps so there may be a better solution out there for you. Congratulations!

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