Saturday, November 12, 2011

Official Announcements

My parents divorced about 15 years ago.

I was in Germany on my mission at the time I found out about the beginnings of these proceedings, which continued throughout the time I returned home to VA and then moved to UT with my mom (and some of my siblings), and then through my engagement and wedding soon after. I don't remember when the divorce was officially "final." Sometime soon after I got married I think.

And just in this last week, I found out (officially) that both my mom and my dad are now engaged. Both of them. Not to each other, of course. But both.

So, since I try to keep this blog focused on me (haha) and my thoughts and reactions, I suppose it's safe to say that any child of a divorce at any age probably experiences a plethora of varying emotions in reaction to this kind of big change and adjustment, and I suppose I am no exception. That's normal right?

But, nevertheless, setting all of my own personal issues aside, here is my public congratulations to each of them! It is very exciting.:)


Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

Congrats to them. I think it is totally normal to have a lot of conflicting feelings about the situation.

Colleen said...

Wow! That's really exciting, but yes, probably also really surreal. I hope they are both very happy. And that you really like your new step-parents.

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