Friday, November 18, 2011

Lookie what I did!

I know this isn't really a DIY-er, crafty type blog. That's because I'm not really a big DIY, crafty kind of gal. But this is why I have to celebrate whenever I do something DIY-er, crafty-ish. Because I'm kind of impressed with myself. So it's a blog post. hehe. ;)

I turned a bar of soap into homemade liquid handsoap! hooray for me.

I kept seeing this idea on Pinterest (of course) and, knowing how sensitive and dry my kids' skin gets in the winter, and knowing how hard it is sometimes to find liquid handsoap that isn't antibacterial, I decided to try it.

The recipe I used was:
1 gallon water
1 bar of soap, grated (I used generic Dove)
2 Tb glycerin (found at Walmart somewhere by the bandaids)

So here's my stuff:
Here's my pretty pile of grated soap (looks like mozzerella cheese, but . . . it's not):

So, you heat it all up til the soap is melted. Add the glycerin. Stir it all up. And let it sit for 12-24 hrs or something to let it thicken up.

Here's my pot the next morning:

The hardest part was figuring out how to get it from the pot to the containers. I ended up using a measuring pitcher thing and a funnel. But my mixture turned out with kind of a snotty gloopy consistency, so it was still no easy task to transfer it all (it kept wanting to slime out of everything all at once in one big glop).


Besides the somewhat unusual texture, I'd have to call it a success. Mine didn't turn out as an exact replication of storebought liquid handsoap, per se, but I think it works. And I think that saves us about $8 in handsoap refills so yippee!

Anybody else ever tried this? Anybody want to try it and tell me how it goes for you? I've read that higher quality soap works out a little better. Curious to know what anyone else has tried.

Have you done anything nifty-crafty, DIY-ish lately that has surprised even yourself? Or anything else you've done/made/created/cooked/baked/sewed/blogged/whatever that you're proud of? Do share.:)

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Christina G. said...

Ok - I so totally want to try this :-) There's a local company that makes the best foaming & liquid soaps ever. But... they go out of stock quickly so I can't always get what I want. Now I can cheat and buy a bar of their soap and turn it into my own liquid variety! Fun! Last creative thing I did was making halloween costumes.

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