Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Abigail, Isaac and Zac ran the 3.7 mile Turkey Trot. Zac is still nursing his injured leg so he jogged with Isaac. (No free pie this year! oh well - haha) But I'm really proud of the kids for running.

Elisabeth and Samuel wearing the cute pilgrim costumes they made at school:

At my mom's house. Mom and Lowell, Chelsea, my fam, and Devin, Liz and Miles (who slept through the whole dinner but had his own feast later):

Cousins!:) My kids and 11 mo old Miles:

spinning around on mom's porch swing:

Elisabeth thinks she can climb trees:

Miles' first thanksgiving (wearing the hat they had for his first thanksgiving last year - but he decided to be born 2 wks - or more? - late and he missed that one!):

And cute Miles who is just starting to walk! Love that little boy.:)

It was a great day. Can't even express how thankful I really am for so many many things. Really.

1 comment:

Mom B. said...

Love the pics as usual. So grateful for you and your family. It's always fun to get together.

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