Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Introducing our new little furry friend (and NaBloPoMo)

Isaac has been begging for a pet ever since it occurred to him that Abigail was 10 when she got her bunny (and he is now 10). We talked about a snake, or lizard, or turtle. Then hamsters or gerbils. When we were given a whole hamster cage set-up for free that pretty much decided the hamster for us, although I was still kind of rooting for a turtle. These little scurrying rodents don't appeal to me much. But here we are.

This is Pumpkin:

It is very nearly impossible to get a good picture of her in that cage. But you get the idea. It is kind of cute to watch her hoard her food in her cheeks and take it out and hold it in her little claws to nibble. And we got a ball that she can roll around in on the floor and that's kind of fun (if we can get her out of the cage - so far she's not real keen on being touched). Isaac is very excited - and I do think it's a good experience for kids to have a pet. I kind of do wish we could just have a cat or dog, but severe allergies between several of us just don't make that a possibility. And out of the way smaller cages just don't present the same degree of allergy problems.

Anyway - in other news, November is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) once again!! I'm undecided about whether I'll stick to it this year or not. In some ways it's good to commit to daily posting and it's a good way to catch up and purge all sorts of stuff from my wee little brain. But in other ways, it just becomes a drag and I get tired of it and I feel like everyone else gets tired of me as well. Oh well. We'll just see how it goes.

Some things I really hope to get back into this month: Reading Round-Ups! (And remember that long lost book club idea? Yeah, me too.)

And Thankful Thursdays! Tis the season . . . and it's really good for me.

And the Journal Rereading Project Flashbacks! (I got so far - and then just fizzled)

Is anybody still reading? Does anyone care? And does it matter if anyone reads or cares? Always the nagging question for me in the blog-o-sphere.

Have a good day. And thanks for reading . . . and caring . . . if you do.;)


Colleen said...

Be glad allergies prevent you from getting a cat or dog. Our cats coat our house in fur and we step in cat puke on (at least) a weekly basis. So gross.

Christina G. said...

Yep, always still reading :-) Thanks!

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