Saturday, November 5, 2011


"Perhaps I write for no one.

Perhaps for the same person

children are writing for

when they scrawl their names

in the snow.”

- Margaret Atwood

[I had a different blog post I was going to write today, but we got really busy and it's late and I need to post something before midnight. ;) So, here is a quote I saved in my archives sometime long long ago - I think it was probably from a book I read and it struck me. It digs into that ever-evolving and neverending self-questioning of why do I write a blog anyway? Who is it for, really? For me? For you? My kids, my prosperity? For no one? Who knows for sure. Why do you write (or do whatever it is you do as a creative outlet) and who is it for? Does it matter? Does it make any difference in what you write and how you write it? . . . And what's the point of NaBloPoMo anyhow???

Is it all just to say "I was here"? To leave some mark in the snow, even though we know it's going to melt and disappear. Well, I don't know. But it's interesting to think about sometimes.

And that's all I have to offer you tonight at the end of a long, busy, but enjoyable Saturday. What's on your mind tonight . . .?]

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